Goal 1: Consume Less, Create More

As a new web developer, it is really easy to get lost trying to absorb everything that you come across. At one point during the web development immersive program I definitely had at least 50+ tabs open about tutorials, technologies, and documents that I wanted to look into. It took me a while to realize it, but I was absorbing way too much information without implementing it. Tutorials are a good thing to do, but you should not spend all of your time doing them. I’m a hands on and visual learner, so I learn more whenever I work on a project that I am passionate about. Which brings me to my next goal.

Goal 2: Focus On Mastery

Web development is comparable to a giant ocean of knowledge that is constantly changing. It is very important to stay up to date and keep up with the current trends, but as a beginner this is obviously the wrong thing to do. The first thing that anyone should do starting out is to focus all of your attention to one or two specific languages and make it your goal to master them. You need to learn process of learning. As of right now I decided to focus all my attention to learning JavaScript and Ruby.

Goal 3: Blog Once A Week

There are many reasons why I decided to start a blog:

  • To become a better writer
  • To become a better thinker
  • To inspire others
  • To interact and meet new people

However, the main reason why I decided to start a blog was to track my progress as a developer. “Life is about the journey, not the destination.” I would like to look back a year from now to see how far I’ve come. My plan is to write a blog post once a week.

Goal 4: Learn More Through Teaching

I believe that explaining a concept really does help you get a better grasp of it. We all have an intuitive sense of what makes a thorough explanation, but we often neglect to generate one for ourselves. For me personally, I feel that I won’t know something very well until I am able to explain it to someone else. In order for me to do this I want to start a youtube channel that is centered around web development and design. I may not accomplish this goal in 2015, but I am very, very interested in teaching others.